Quick Sort

The Quick Sort extension provides a fast sorting algorithm for vast lists of numbers or text. It is possible to make an asynchronous call in an own thread.



This block sorts lists of numbers or text in either ascending or descending order.



Data structured as list of lists can be sorted by a spezified sublist, just provide the index of this sublist. Naturally, the sublists have to be of the same size.



If you have several individual lists that are interrelated, you can sort the other lists according to the index generated by the previous call of QuickSort. For later use, store the Indices list.



Transpose a list of lists so that the inner and the outer index switch.



These methods perform asynchronous calls in an own thread, so that the user interface does not get freezed. When the sorting is finished, the AsynchFinished event is called.

Examples of usage

Individual Lists

List of lists


The price of this extension is 8 EUR (10 USD). If you want to purchase it, you can contact me via the contact form.